Birth Doula Care

I work closely with clients to prepare them, through mindful guidance and practice, to surrender to the mystery of birth. Every birth has it’s own unique process and you can’t know what it will be until you are doing it, moment to moment. I teach methods of managing sensations in labor through expanding awareness techniques we’ll experiment with prenatally. We do this not to extinguish pain in labor, but to make it possible to tolerate it.

I also educate my clients about what to expect in a variety of birth settings. We’ll discuss what you may experience during the postpartum period and how to prepare for it.

During your labor, I’ll offer physical support through positioning and comfort suggestions (hydrotherapy, movement, massage, ect). I’ll tend to you and your partner’s need for food, drink, and rest. I’ll offer you emotional support based on the relationship we have created and what I have learned about supporting you along the way. I am available to you in the postpartum period to offer guidance and support in any way that I can.

“I believe that Heather’s experiences with birth, from her doula practice to her own birth, make her extremely well-equipped to help a woman through what is the most transformative and physically traumatic experiences in her life. I give her my highest commendations, and I know that my son’s birth would not have been nearly as wonderful as it was without her presence. Though it was not the home birth that we had envisioned, it was the right birth for my son, and it unfolded with grace and beauty thanks to those around me and to my son.”


“Heather reminded me of who I am and of my core strength in times of difficulty during the birth. I felt like she was connected with me in a deep and intimate way during the labor. Her companionship, attention, and energetic support made all the difference in the world during the labor and was also supportive to my husband whom she attended to as well. She knew when to be close and when to give space and was very intuitive about my needs, anticipating things I didn’t have the mental capacity to conjure up at times.”