Childbirth Workshops

I have created these innovative two-hour childbirth classes to support you in preparing for birth with awareness and confidence. You will gain deeper understanding of the nature of pain and fear in labor along with powerful mindfulness practices to transform your birth experience.

Presence in Pain: Mindful Coping Skills for Labor

Please join me in learning about how mindfulness techniques can help transform the discomforts of labor. We’ll explore how conscious breathing and non-focused awareness can help you stay centered throughout your birth experience, however it unfolds. You will learn a series of exercises to help you stay present in moments that feel uncomfortable or intense. This is a highly interactive workshop, including discussion and practice time, along with handouts for home study.


Navigating Fear in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Most parents-to-be experience fear at some point during their pregnancy or in childbirth. So how can we harness fear as a protective and useful energy during pregnancy and labor? How can we determine when fear is useful or when it is causing unnecessary suffering? In this two hour workshop, we will explore mindfulness practices that encourage dialogue with fear as a means of transformation.

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“The most helpful thing was learning how to experience the pain as opposed to being just a passive participant in having pain.”