Mindful Coaching for Birth Professionals:

As birth attendants, we bear witness to many things, both wondrous and harrowing. We often do so in isolation. Some births leave us shattered, some leave us renewed. Some leave us struggling to make sense of ourselves and the world around us. Holding space in birth invariably leads us down a path of self inquiry. We all benefit from time spent reflecting on our experiences. Understanding how our own conditioning effects our work and learning to resource ourselves emotionally is key in avoiding burnout.

Through my Hakomi training and my studies with Birthing from Within, I have developed a unique way of working, using mindful inquiry and intuitive dialogue, to help you debrief, process, and ultimately transform difficult birthwork experiences. It is my deepest honor and greatest love to support you in this important work.

Each consultation lasts one hour and can be in person or by phone. The cost is $75. Please take advantage of my free twenty minute consultation to get a better feel for my work.


Heather has been a tremendous support as I find my way down my professional path. Her approach as a doula herself is unique, soulful, and impeccable. And she has inspired those same qualities in me as well. Her confidence-building is genuine and her suggestions are creative. Her approach is not one-size-fits-all. It’s intuitive and personal. She truly lends something to the world of birth that is groundbreaking and fortifying. And I feel lucky to have her as a mentor. -Alisha Gordon