Mindful Coaching for Parents

As you prepare for the birth of your child, you may find yourself on an inward journey, through unknown terrain. There is nothing like the prospect of impending parenthood to bring you into deep contact with your belief systems. It is a good time to take stock.

I believe the most valuable childbirth preparation lies in learning how to stay in the present moment: not suspended in hope or fear, but staying wholly present as the events of your birth unfold.  Mindfulness practices can help a great deal when encountering unwished for circumstances in your birth. This is also good practice for parenthood: being able to stay centered in the moment is endlessly helpful with young children.

I am here to help guide you through pregnancy and beyond, through mindful conversation and experiential practice. As a graduate of the Hakomi Institute, I have many years of experience in teaching mindfulness practices to those pregnant and their partners, both individually and together. I am also available after your baby is born, as you assimilate your birth and its meaning in your life.

I offer one hour sessions in person or by phone. Each session costs $75.

“C was born via emergency C-section and the physical and psychological effects of that were very overwhelming. Heather visited us once a week for several weeks and spent a lot of calm, quiet time talking over the events and helping us to make sense of everything we were feeling. After each visit we experienced a sense of calm and relief as well as having new avenues for continued discussion. Heather was able to help me find a vocabulary for my trauma. She was also able to affirm that a lot of the unexpected feelings on my husband’s part were totally normal for a new father, and this knowledge alone gave him confidence and tremendous relief.”


“Heather has been instrumental in normalizing and supporting the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical, aspects of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.”